Orchard Steel LOTTERY:

I have decided to sell my knives through a lottery system every 4-8 weeks. If you would like a to buy a knife, Subscribe to the Orchard Steel Newsletter here to receive specific timing and information about each upcoming Lottery.  

On each lottery day, the lottery page will be open on the website from 9am to 9pm EST with a list of knives for sale. It will open HERE. 

Under each knife, there will be a place to enter your name and email address for the chance to buy that knife. You may enter your name once per knife, for as many knives as you like, but only one knife will be chosen per person

After 9pm EST I will enter the names into random.org and pull a name randomly for each knife. Only one knife will be allowed per customer, so if you have entered your name several times, and your name is randomly chosen for two knives, I will re-draw a new name for the second knife, in the order that they appear on the lottery page.

If your name is drawn, I will send you an email by 9pm EST the following evening, to work out payment and shipping details. If you do not receive an email by the evening following the lottery, your name was not selected for any of the knives. 

This system will allow you all to look at each knife at your leisure for the day, and not feel rushed.