How can I get a knife?

You want a knife? Great! I sell my knives every 4-8 weeks through a lottery system. To find out when the next lottery will be, sign up for the Newsletter here.

How much do the knives cost? 

The knives are priced by blade size, and range between $280 and $950. For more specific examples, visit the gallery page.

How do I best care for my knife?

For info on how to care for your knife, check out the care letter that goes out with each knife when it's sold!

How often should I sharpen my knife? And how?

This depends on how much you use it. I recommend using a hone (steel) to keep the edge up on it. This should keep the edge sharp for awhile, then sharpen it when the burr knocks over and the edge starts to dull... depending on its use this could be in 1 month, 6 months or a year. You can sharpen the knife yourself, or send it to a sharpener, or to me. If you pay for shipping both ways, I'm happy to sharpen the knife I've made you for free!

Are there any retail stores where I can purchase or handle your knives in person?

At this point no. If that changes, I will post the retail stores here on the website.

If the company is called Orchard Steel, why is the Mo symbol on the knife? 

Mo has been my nickname since I was a kid, so I decided use it as my signature. 

Where do you get your wood for knife handles? 

The handle wood is constantly changing depending on what I have in stock. I get most of my handle wood from friends and family. Often I use wood from around Vermont and other parts of New England unless someone sends me a piece of something exotic that they have acquired, or that is local to wherever they might live.